Elephant Man Get Vex!

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Fly Paper Blog got footage of Elephant Man performing in Ohio. An eager young lady couldn’t wait to approach him after the show and decided to get a early feel and rip up him expensive pants! Is it that serious?


Meet Sean Kingston Tonight

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Awards Show Rundown

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(All Pictures by Champion for Champion Eye Media More Pics)

The IRAWMA (International Reggae and World Music Awards) went down this past Sunday. Thanks to Rhona Fox Inc, I was able to work the Red Carpet festivities and attend the show, so I have the inside scoop on what went down. The artists, that actually attended ,came out with much style and carried nice vibes.

So my job was organizing all the media and press coverage on the red carpet, you would think that the diva attitude would be exemplified by the artists. The most diva-like attitude came from the press! Mostly the TV crews who thought they were just as important as the celebs, but that’s another story.  The awards were given by the presenters and the list I’m sure you’ve seen already, if not click HERE

Here are a few highlights of the night Kymani Marley spoke to every media outlet and even chilled the people around the way in Harlem, signing autographs and taking pictures.  Shaggy was most entertaining artist of the night with a drink in hand the entire night and full a joke! I was so glad to Machel Montano get the entertainer of the year award, but upset that no one really clapped for him. The ladies were looking gorgeous on the carpet with bright colors and all smiles.  (Barbie is crazy tall! I felt like a midget next to her, I see why people call her baby giant!) Beenie Man was unable to collect his awards so Barbie’s baby bro did it on her, his behalf.  I think the artists seemed to have more fun than the patrons and media personnel…I think we you all should loosen up a bit! Shaggy’s performance was the best of the night, Kymani did a rendition of his father’s “Turn Your Lights Down”,  Taurus Riley was the MVP of the night getting the biggest crowd approval for Best Male Vocal, Jadine worked the crowd through technical difficulties, Macka had girl “Hula Hoopin’” all over the stage, D’angel gave a great attempt at setting the crowd on fire with “Blaze”, Ce’cile’s acapella of “Ride or Die”, Etana’s power house vocals were well received on “Warrior Love” And every gathered on stage for the “One Love” fest. Great times!

Jamelody Inteview Tonight!

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Join me as I interview VP Record’s latest Roots/Reggae crooner Jamelody. I posted his song a few weeks ago and now have the pleasure of interviewing him. Log on WBMB Radio TONIGHT at 6pm. Check out his behind the scenes photo shoot for his upcoming album Be Prepared

New Music from Jadine

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 Jadine the Soca Diva sent me her new song Stay in Touch featuring Kamau. Also, check out her youtube clip as she tell you a little bit about herself.

Style & Vibes Radio 4/10/2008

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Listen to  yesterday’s show: Style & Vibes Radio the playlist is below. Listen while you work. Enjoy!

1.)     Pressure – Be Free

2.)     Richie Spice – Ah No Me Dat

3.)     Jamelody – Love Crazy

4.)     Cherine Anderson & Chuck Fender – Coming over Tonight

5.)     Serani – She Love’s Me

6.)     Brick & Lace – Love is Wicked

7.)     Rihanna – Please don’t Stop the Music

8.)     Tami Chynn feat. Akon – Frozen

9.)     Elephant Man & Chris Brown – Feel the steam

10.)       Beenie Man – Buffer Zone

11.)       Erup – Click My Fingers

12.)       Busy Signal – Wine Pon di Edge

13.)       RDX – Dancer’s Anthem

14.)       RDX – Everybody Dance

15.)       Busy Signal & Junior Reid – Real Jamaicans

16.)       Demarco – Duppy Know who fi frighten

17.)       Mavado – On the Rock

18.)       Machel Montano feat. Buju Banton – Make Love Remix


Usher – Love in this Club Video

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After leaking various singles and making a hit with this one, Usher released the video for “Love in This Club” yesterday. I’m a huge Usher fan, but I have to be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the song, not because it wasn’t good, it just wasnt different enough for me. Usher is usually a trendsetter pushing it to the next level, but for me this is nothing different. However, being the fan that I am it grew on me (I still won’t be adding to my i-pod playlist, but I’d bump to it)

The Video is just like “Yeah” to me, but it is a club single so I’ll let him have that. Appearances by Diddy, Kanye West, Robin Thicke and leading lady Keri Hilson (Peep the end when he grabs her hair from behind…so sexy!)

Red Stripe Pull Sponsorship for Stage Shows

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REPOST From Jamaica Star

Red Stripe pulls plug on live music events

Shamette Hepburn, Entertainment Editor
In a bold and possibly controversial move, brewing company Red Stripe has announced its decision to withdraw sponsorship of live music events which its says facilitate “violent and anti-social lyrics”.

In a statement issued yesterday, the company said that its main sponsorship beneficiaries, the annual Reggae Summerfest and Sting stage shows will no longer have its support.

“Over the years, however, a very negative trend of glorifying violence has crept into some of the music, causing much consternation among well thinking Jamaicans and others at home and abroad. This has far-reaching and damaging implications for the industry and for the country as a whole,” the release stated.

“While our most recent efforts through the Coalition of Corporate Sponsors have met with some measure of success, some performers continue to propagate, through their live performances, violent and anti-social lyrics. Red Stripe will not be party to this, and thus we have taken the very difficult decision of withdrawing sponsorship from live music events. Consequently, Red Stripe will not renew our contract for title sponsorship of Reggae Sumfest and Sting. We will, however, ensure that our brands are made available whenever and wherever our loyal consumers enjoy premium alcohol beverages.”

Corporate strategies

Red Stripe’s Head of Corporate Relations, Maxine Whittingham-Osborne told The STAR that the withdrawal is in tandem with the company’s corporate strategies and values.

“The key thing is the fact that Jamaica has been so labelled as the murder capital of the world and we need to take stock of all the things that we are doing to contribute to it,” said Mrs. Whittingham-Osborne. “The glorification of violence in the music is not helping our situation.”

She disclosed that Red Stripe will now shift its sponsorship focus to programmes which are analogous to its values.

“All we will be doing is shifting our marketing focus. It has to be in line with our corporate strategy and corporate values. We will be launching in the very near future a promotional activity that will be linked to the national football programme.”

Declining to disclose the dollar value of the sponsorship of live music events, Mrs. Whittingham-Osborne said that it is competition sensitive information, but that the amount is in “the millions”.

 These ladies promote Red Stripe’s involvement at an event recently. – Contributed

In response to the possibility of backlash stemming from Red Stripe’s decision, she said: “To be honest we do believe that there may be some persons who are not in agreement with our position. It is time for us to take a stand. We have been working with the industry in trying to make a change. I know people tend to skew it in a particular direction.”

“It is our hope that our action will cause the proponents of this destructive trend in local music to stop and take stock of the negative impact of their actions on the society and seek to make a change. Red Stripe looks forward to the time when good sense will prevail and we can see a return to improved quality and standard of music that all Jamaica can be proud of. At that time we will review our position.”

When contacted Sting promoter Isaiah Laing declined to offer a comment on the matter: “I am not ready to respond.”

Efforts to contact Director of Summerfest Productions, the promoters of Reggae Summerfest, Johnny Gourzhong were unsuccessful.

According to Mrs. Whittingham-Osborne, the company has been in dialogue with promoters and that the move was an individual one, separate from its affiliation with the Coalition of Corporate Sponsors.

“We have invested a lot of time and money and we believe we need to take a stand and while we have had some measure of success there is a far way to go, but this is our position on the matter. We have to think about what is in the best interest of Jamaica and Jamaicans,” she said.


Destructive trend






Style & Vibes Radio 4/3/2008

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n16403253_31247058_8545.jpgEach and every week brining you much Caribbean love, take a listen! As my girl Miss Cocoa Luv says “Let me be the soundtrack to whatever you’re doing on the net”

Style & Vibes Radio

New Music

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NOTE: Since Z-share is down the links are to their Myspace pages or  (PLUG) you can listen to my show tonight  6-7pm onwww.wbmbradio (I’m playing all of them)  

Tami Chynn teams up with Akon on her new single Frozen. The uptempo track was Produced by Akon and RedOne, has more of a pop appeal, but I love it! It has a sample of Madonna’s Dress You Up from her 1985 album Like a Virgin. Tami has been on the scene in Jamaica for a while. She has a beautiful voice destined for cross over appeal.

Tami Chynn

Jamelody gives us a silky reggae ballad Love Crazy, the lead single off his upcoming release on VP Be Prepared later this month. Hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, his voice is reminiscent of Garnett Silk, but that’s just my opinion. Jamelody The royal reggae family (and quite honestly one of the best reggae bands) Morgan Heritage is back with their new single Raid Rootz Dance. I’m not to crazy about it, it sounds more like a b-side track, but their other single Love You Right is a great song, and would be my pick for the album single. The upcoming album to be released April 15 titled Mission In Progress.

Morgan Heritage

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