Gnarls Barkley’s new video “Going On” Shot in Jamaica

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Big up to one876entertainment on this one. Gnarls Barkley’s “Going On” was directed by Wendy Morgan and is the second single from their sophomore album The Odd Couple.


Vegas Parties in NYC

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Tanisha Scott On Set of Notorious B.I.G Movie

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Big up to Miss Info on this one! Miss Info posted a few pics of the cast behind the scenes of the Notorious B.I.G movie. Tanisha Scott (Toronto bred dancer of Jamaican parentage) is credited as choreographer for this project. For those of you who may not remember her she’s famed for being choreographer for Sean Paul’s videos “Gimme de Light”, “We Burnin” and others. She also choreographed his dancers while on tour. Big up Tanisha! To view more pics from the set, check out the Miss Info Blog

New Music from Jadine

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 Jadine the Soca Diva sent me her new song Stay in Touch featuring Kamau. Also, check out her youtube clip as she tell you a little bit about herself.

New Video from Richie Spice

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Richie Spice debuts his latest video, directed by Rhona Fox. “The Plane Land” is the single from his upcoming release Gideon Boot hitting the store shelves May 13.

Bramma’s Value of a Lady

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Dancehall/Reggae artiste Bramma “D” Bomma, has released a second video for “Value of a Lady” The single was produced by another young and innovative producer, Jordan McGlure of Chimney Records and video produced by Andrew Val.  For more info on Bramma check out his myspace: BRAMMA


Usher – Love in this Club Video

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After leaking various singles and making a hit with this one, Usher released the video for “Love in This Club” yesterday. I’m a huge Usher fan, but I have to be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the song, not because it wasn’t good, it just wasnt different enough for me. Usher is usually a trendsetter pushing it to the next level, but for me this is nothing different. However, being the fan that I am it grew on me (I still won’t be adding to my i-pod playlist, but I’d bump to it)

The Video is just like “Yeah” to me, but it is a club single so I’ll let him have that. Appearances by Diddy, Kanye West, Robin Thicke and leading lady Keri Hilson (Peep the end when he grabs her hair from behind…so sexy!)

Dancehall Ladies to di World!

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Ward 21 produced Dem Gal Sitt’n Riddim Medley. The video is a little bootleg, but I love how the ladies are representing. Gwan! 2008 fi di ladies!

Mavado – Last Night Video

March 12, 2008 at 5:21 pm | Posted in Film/Video/DVD | 1 Comment

Finally! I’ve been waiting to see it. Mavado’s Last Night video directed by Little X finally hit the tube yesteday. Big up Mavado, doing big ting fa Dancehall.


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According to the Hollywood Reporter: Notorious B.I.G. Movie will begin filming soon and is slated to hit the streets January 2009. So who will play the illustrious, smooth story teller from Brooklyn… biggie.jpgsome Brooklyn rapper(I have to be honest I’ve never heard of him) Jamal Woolard a.k.a. Gravy. The top cast includes Angela Bassett as Voletta Wallace, Derek Luke as “Diddy” and Anthony Mack as Tupac.  Fox Searchlight and the production held an open casting call late fall 2007 hoping to find someone to play B.I.G. Of course hundreds came out on droves swagger jacking but I guess gravy did his thing. Read the entire story HEREbiggie-movie.jpg

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