Oh So Badly

May 14, 2008 at 6:54 pm | Posted in Caribbean Style | 7 Comments


So while I was out and about I saw this interesting ensemble


I say she looks like a rooster, a fellow admirer said Ronald McDonald. Whats your verdict?

S&V Reader Ecua Kid sent me this look a like Pictured: El Chapolin Colorado (Love it!)



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  1. I say the fashion police need to stop her. She could be the new McDonalds mascot.

  2. I agree with the Ronald McDonald comment!! haa

  3. We all grew up on big bird she’s just paying her tribute.

  4. I would say… more like the Mexican comic figure, El Chapolin Colorado! Heres what he looks like:

    Paz y Amor!
    PS. Remind me not be adventurous around you mik… Lmao!

  5. lol
    a wah dat man
    where she was really going in that?

  6. SMH… these damn Jamaicans don’t know how to act/dress… I’m Jamaican, trust me I knoo

  7. Ha! Yeah, Ronald McDonald.

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