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April 25, 2008 at 4:24 pm | Posted in Caribbean Style | 2 Comments
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Introducing a new writing segment to Style & Vibes. Every Friday I will cover a designer, fashion line or anything related to fashionable style. If you would like me to cover your designs please contact me. First of many series is a the Pink Locket owner, Kamilah Campbell.


A self described multi-dimensional woman, Kamilah Campbell recently entered into the world of accessories, particularly jewelry making with her line The Pink Locket.  Her handmade pieces have distinct personalities and artistic names like “Bronzing Gal” “Got Me Beaded” and “Fancy Dancy”. This Jamaican born corporate marketing specialist has a clear vision of taking her hobby to the masses.


Why the name Pink Locket?

I feel like all women have a pink side. Usually pink is associated as soft or feminine, but a pink personality could represent spontaneity, assertiveness or excitement. I wanted a name that reflected women, but tie in jewelry. I want people to associate the name with women’s jewelry.

How did you get into jewelry making?

I started creating it for my personal wear. But my aunt creates jewelry too, and she would host jewelry parties and I’d help her with those designing a few pieces, so decided to do it for myself.

What is the inspiration behind your pieces, and how does your Caribbean background play into your designs?

I like to use different beads, artesian beads, pieces that have a lot of color, objects from foreign countries. I’d say a lot of pieces have vibrant colors that reflect our personality.

How does your line different from others? 

I don’t restrict myself in terms of mediums that I use. I’ll use jean, chain, fabric, leather, sterling silver with 14k gold wire I definitely use quality products. I don’t want my designs to be generic or look like knock off of other jewelry that’s why I use different mediums. I create pieces with a particular personality in mind.

What colors/trends are into now?

 I’m really into the tribal trends for the new line being released early June I use neutrals, blues like teal, turquoise and even some yellow. I like to create pieces with a touch of trend as I’d like the pieces to be wearable years from now.

What does the future hold for Pink Locket?

We’re going to be releasing a line of clutches, wallets, handbags expanding to a complete accessories line for the winter collection.


For more information on how to purchase:,  or visit her online store on



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  1. NIce work!

  2. I like the jewelry. Very nice.

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