Mr. Vegas Films Red Hot Video for ‘Hot Gal Nuh Fight Over Man’

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From Mr. Vegas’ Myspace:

Mr.  Vegas never ceases to amaze the massive with his slew of trend setting hits and incomparable style.  The popular singjay’s latest project is a sizzlin’ video for the catchy tune “Hot Gal Nuh Fight Over Man.” Filmed in the dancehall hub of Kingston, Jamaica, the JayWil produced video includes four different entertaining sets.  One of the video’s core backdrops is a talk show called “Talk Di Tings,” hosted by hip Jamaican tv/radio personality Ms. Kitty, which featured a live studio audience.  

Through out the video, Mr. Vegas is donned in “crisp” attire.  He stays laced in pieces by Ferragamo, Gucci and Ed Hardy to name a few.  It’s no secret that this long-lasting artist has switched up his style quite a bit, always rocking the sharpest gear. Mr. Vegas is truly the star of the video – but his dancers steal the show with their swift melodic choreography and flair for performance.  Officially billed as High Energy, the dancers are featured significantly.  And Boricia, a member of the group, appears in the video completely painted in gold from head to toe.  Although Vegas unleashes a barrage of music for the ladies, clearly, the sexy gold-drenched scene is for the fellas. The “Hot Gal” video is split with the new Vegas song “Wine Up,” where High Energy skillfully demonstrates this future dance sensation.

  “Hot Gal” features a host of cameos, including one from Ninja of Mighty Crown.  Overall, the shoot flowed smoothly, lasting for over 15 hours.  Boasting exceptional quality, the “Hot Gal” video is slated to hit media outlets within a couple of weeks. Next on the agenda is a video for Vegas’ street banger “Mus Come a Road,” which will be shot in late March. This past year has been chock-full of many milestones for Mr. Vegas publicly and behind-the-scenes.  Recently, Mr. Vegas appeared on star studded remixes including “Can’t Help But Wait,” alongside R&B sensation Trey Songz and “Tek Weh Yuhself Again” with Hip Hop diva Lil’ Kim and Latin sensation Kat Deluna. 


Calling All Dancers!

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Now I was a little weary of this show when I heard about it on MTV. But after watching it the first time, especially being a former dancer, I was hooked. America’s Best Dance Crew is great despite me hating the judging panel (I really have no idea who chose this panel, so many other people would have been a better choice, I guess Fatima was busy) Anyway, I think the show producers should open it up internationally to make the competition better. Should be the case anytime soon, I would love to see some of the top (I said TOP! As Bogle said,”Everyone cyan dance, but everyone is not a dancer!) dancers from JA representing. This group Kaba Modern is the best group in my opinion. What do you guys think?

Miss Mikelah Tun Selecta!

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So I caught myself being a selecta this week on the Caribbean Soundclash! natural.jpgI’m in no way a professional, but the music is good. Happy Friday!
 Caribbean Soundclash

Make sure you tune in every Thursday 6-7pm for the live show(WBMB Radio) or I’ll upload the podcast here every Friday.

Feedback & comment always appreciated(even if you hated it!) ~Bless~

Meet the Parents…Chris Brown & Rihanna in Barbadoes

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According ot OK! Magazine:Superstar singer Chris Brown performs in front of thousands of screaming fans without even breaking a sweat, but put the 18-year-old in front of girlfriend Rihanna’s relatives for a first-time meeting and he gets stage fright.


Rihanna, 19, took Chris home to Barbados last week to meet her family, including her two younger, protective brothers, and before he left, the R&B star told a pal he was worried what everyone would think of him.

“Rihanna is very close to her family,” the pal tells OK!. “But she knew they loved Chris as much as she does.”

That didn’t stop one of her brothers from giving the “Kiss Kiss” singer a hard time. “He told Chris that PDA was tacky and said he may be a little too short for his sister!” Still, the pal adds, “Chris loved seeing all the pictures in Rihanna’s family home of her winning Miss Combermere, [a local beauty pageant she won at 16], lounging on the beach and singing in local clubs. He cares about Rihanna. Things have started really heating up from friends to something more.”

Estelle’s American Boy

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estelle.jpgEstelle is a singer/rapper hailing from England, making huge waves here in the states. She’s signed to singer John Legend’s  Home School Records, and is set to release an album later this year. Check out her new video “American Boy” Featuring Kanye West.

Lexie Lee Films Videos

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According to her Myspace, The New Era of dancehall ambassador, Lexie Lee, has filmed three videos to be releasedsoon,

“Hey Myspace,

I know you guys have been waiting for a Lexie Lee Music video, well guess what, lexi.gifI shot 3 last week in Hollywood!!! I can’t wait to see the final product. My good friend and editor, Jen, is working hard on getting that together. Soon Come. And unlike the one I shot last year in January, this time I promise I’ll release it. It’s exactly what I wanted and since you guys have been waiting for a while, I wanted to give you something worth the wait! Something completely different from any other dancehall video you’ve seen. Something that was uniquely me and something that represented my music dancehall-hip hop-grindcore. I executive produced it, directed, and starred in it. ”

I personally can’t wait to hear more from this talented star in the making. I highly recommend you listen to her music: Lexie Lee

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lo

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jennifer_lopez320.jpgMarc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez welcome twins! The babies were born early Friday in Long Island, N.Y. The girl was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and the boy followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs.

Style and Vibes Sends Condolences

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joe-gibbs.jpgOne of Jamaica’s iconic  record producers,  Joe Gibbs, died Thursday evening of a heart attack. Click HERE for full story

rraw.jpgAlso, upcoming dancehall DJ Rraw Dawg, who was recently link with the Alliance Crew, died on Friday in the Washington D.C. area. Click HERE for full story.
To check out more info and music on this artist please visit his myspace:Rraw Dawg Myspace

Jadine, The Soca Diva!

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Soca’s newest Diva, Jadine, on my Jadineweekly radio program “Caribbean Soundclash”  Check it out:Caribbean Soundclash with Jadine/

Make sure you check her out on myspace:  JADINE. Check out the video for her latest single “Don’t Call My Phone” off her upcoming sophomore release.

Tune in to the Caribbean Soundclash this and every Thursday from        6-7pm (Let me know what you think!)

College Gossip On the Internet

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The latest in social networking world wide web,, a site where users can anonymously post comments on a message board about everything from hottest fraternities and sororities to, you got it, juicy gossip about your room mate.

In a recent article with the associated press student leaders at Pepperdine University take a stand. “In campus debates over Internet freedom, students normally take the side of openness and access. This time, however, student leaders, newspaper editorials and posters on the site are fighting back — with some even asking administrators to ban JuicyCampus. It’s a kind of plea to save the students, or at least their reputations, from themselves. ‘It is an expression from our student body that we don’t want this junk in our community,’ said Andy Canales, leader of the student government at Pepperdine, which recently voted 23-5 to ask for a ban.”Banning the site would definitely impede on the first amendment, but where do you draw the line? Your personal life is not so personal on the net. Everyone from parents to employers can find out what you’re doing on the web.  Even if you avoid social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, you could still end up on the receiving end of the harsh, lewd comments on sites like JuicyCampus.               

 It’s true, the internet gives you a chance to create a totally different persona and alter ego if you must which is great, it gives the freedom of creativity, gossip columnist have to attached their name somewhere, radio personalities cover their asses by repeating “allegedly” before every juicy detail so in my opinion, standing behind your words is crucial. If you have the balls to say it own up to it.  If sites like these were not so anonymous then people would watch what they say because confrontation could be on the other end. Googling someone is like having a FICO score, but unlike fixing your credit score, if you’re on the receiving end of false comments, fixing your damaged reputation is a lot harder. Then again I could see students going to court for libel suits to clear their name…far fetched, but not so far if this continues.

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